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Buy Facebook Status likes From Quickrealfans

Buy Facebook Status likesThese days Facebook has become a parallel universe in itself and this has become possible to buy status with Facebook likes. Internet these days has become synonymous with the social networking site Facebook. It is a virtual medium which is used by almost half a million people and the user base is ever increasing.

Getting more attention for your status on your Facebook fan page

Facebook fan page is thrives on the number of Facebook likes received by a status update. There are services which can be purchased for getting likes. This is necessary for making the Facebook page popular. It helps a page to go viral over the social network. This happens due to the bandwagon effect, the more number of Facebook likes, the more attention a page gets. In a research it has been proven that the status updates which gets most likes are kept in the top of the news feed section of a friend for a longer period of time. Most of the time, it forces people to take notice of the page and thus exposes people to the product one is promoting. Once an update has considerable amount of likes, the bandwagon theory follows. People tend to unquestioningly like updates which already have a large number of Likes from before. Hence, the most important thing is to get those initial numbers of likes.

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How to get more Facebook status likes

It is possible to buy Facebook status likes. There are different packages offered by various services. For example, a Facebook page can get 1000 likes for $50. Getting more likes is necessary to get more attention. Likes are also parameters of credibility on virtual mediums like Facebook. Status updates can be used for promoting products, cause, content, etc. To buy Facebook status likes is a common strategy used by many Facebook pages to catapult them to attention.

The Likes are 100% genuine likes from real people. If you buy status with Facebook likes, you can be rest assured that it is a safe and undetectable way to give oneself popularity boasts on the social networking site.


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