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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are they Real Fans ?

Yes, we never sell lifeless bots, we deliver 100% Real facebook fans. You may cross check the same through Facebook Fanpage Insights

2. Can you provide 100% Targeted Facebook Fans ?

All our Targted Fans packages are 100% Targeted, means if you order for "500 targeted USA Fans", your fanpage insights will reflect the same, sometimes even more, as we usually over deliver. Check out our targeted facebook fans packages, we're currently targeting USA, UK, Australia, Canada and few more locations upon request.

3. Can you provide Fans from a particular city ( say, New York, USA ) ?

Yes, we can provide City-Wise Targeted facebook fans at premium rates, starting from 500$ for 1000 Fans. Contact Us for more details.

4. Can you provide Facebook Likes/Shares for a Webpage URL ?

Yes, we can provide likes/Shares for any external Webpage URL's. You may order the same from here. Note that website Likes/Shares are available only on Worldwide packages & not on targeted plans !

5. Can you provide Photo Likes ?

Yes, we can !

6. Can you speed up the delivery time ?

Yes, we will be able to speed up the orders, based on request. Else, the usual time frame will be applicable as mentioned on the order page.

7. Why does your targeted Fans packages take longer to deliver than International fans ?

More resources and lots of manual work are involved in Targeted Fans orders, so we might take little longer to deliver the targeted fans orders. Approximate time frame is mentioned on every package you order with us.

8. Is there a Money Back Guanrantee ?

Yes, your order is shielded with 100% Money Back Guarantee. If we're unable to complete your order due to some reasons in given time frame, We'll refund you overnight.

9. We run an Agency with 100's of customers, do you have any special offer for us ?

We understand your needs better, we have an attractive pricing structure for Agencies and Resellers. We serve you the best in the market with a better reseller relationship. Checkout our agency pricing section for more details.

10. How fast can you start my order ?

International fans orders will be processed within 24-48 hrs, targeted facebook likes orders will be processed within 24-72 hrs.

Your Question not answered here ?

Contact Us right now with your query. We have awesome support team to take care of it.



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